You'd rather have a beautiful finish with a coating that is as tough as nails and will last for decades. 

It's costly, bad for you and the environment. Not to mention very time consuming and doesn't last very long. 

I started this company out of being frustrated with too many bad paint jobs and coatings on my vintage vehicles. Not to mention the powder coated parts would corrode within a few months. In 2005 I began to do my research in resurfacing and coating metal. Shops take too many shortcuts. and do not care to prepare the surface properly. At Oahu Powder Coating we treat every piece we coat as an industrial work of art. We spend the time and give plenty attention into proper metal surface preparation, application technique and curing methods. Our aim is to give you back your item better than when it was new. 

Paint is Dead

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Powder coating is a method that is alternative  to paining Most people aren't familiar with it. It's been around since the 1950's and was first introduced to coat kitchen appliances. The versatility, durability and resiliency is far superior to paint. Until recently high gloss clear coats powders have been nearly perfected to rival some of the best gloss coat paint finishes.

When deciding to re-surface and re-coat your valuable and useful items powder coating is a no brainer.